fredag den 16. april 2010

“There’s value in obscurity.”

- Clive Thompson i In Praise of Online Obscurity.

Og han fortsætter:

“After all, the world’s bravest and most important ideas are often forged away from the spotlight — in small, obscure groups of people who are passionately interested in a subject and like arguing about it. They’re willing to experiment with risky or dumb concepts because they’re among intimates. (It was, after all, small groups of marginal weirdos that brought us the computer, democracy, and the novel.)”

Lidt senere når Clive denne tanke:

“Maybe we should be designing tools that reward obscurity — that encourage us to remain in the shadows. Or what if they warned us when our social circles became unsustainably large? Sure, we’d be connected with fewer people, but we’d be communicating with them, and not just talking at them.”

Interessante tanker, midt i denne frenzy over mulighederne med de sociale medier.


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