tirsdag den 6. april 2010

En omvendt H.C. Andersen

Vi danskere hylder vores egne. Og når en af vores egne får succes internationalt, er vi slet ikke til at slå ned. Så er det meget sundt at få påpeget noget om vores nationale sind, som jeg synes Stephen Fry gør her i sin pointe om H.C. Andersen:

"I have always thought Hans Christian Andersen should have written a companion piece to the Emperor’s New Clothes, in which everyone points at the Emperor shouting, in a Nelson from the Simpson’s voice, “Ha ha! He’s naked.” And then a lone child pipes up, ‘No. He’s actually wearing a really fine suit of clothes.” And they all clap hands to their foreheads as they realise they have been duped into something worse than the confidence trick, they have fallen for what E. M. Forster called the lack of confidence trick. How much easier it is to distrust, to doubt, to fold the arms and say “Not impressed”."

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